The gentle sun-kissed at eight in the morning as the wind blows playing my messy hair, the humming tweets of the birds in every corner of the wooden balcony around the green lushes of big trees sighted as far, the strong aroma scent of coffee and the garlic butter toast on the table, people running down the street wearing their beautiful smiles, the fact that I got up of bed is already a blessing. It’s been the routine mostly everyday to check my newsfeed while I savor every sip of my coffee either on Facebook or Instagram and taking fire selfies will surely never go out of style. Some things just never change. I was kinda hoping to receive a message from him since it’s evening in his time but nothing. I logged back in to the dating site (AD) and randomly browsed seeing guys from different curves of the world looking for fun and those for serious commitment. You don’t say I have high expectations of meeting someone from the app but I want to give it a try as some couples do have their successful meet-cutes stories online. 2 hours had passed and I heard a beep from my phone. “Good Morning, How was your sleep?” I was excited knowing later on we we’re gonna do a video call. I found myself day dreaming and smiling a lot with my blush on (you know the kind when you’re giddy). I wanted to say I’m yours, just tell me when to start. Really? Okay, I’m exaggerating. But for 2 days he made me feel so good, like wow! My sister used to tell me that I should write down all the qualities my future husband must have, which I did. I’ve got plenty and I remember the top on the list was he should be God fearing. My eyes lit up when he asked about my religion and saw he’s happy upon hearing I’m a Catholic. “God did you just sent this man?” Because I’ll take him without a second thought. It’s funny he would always say if he’s making me scared because of his kids.

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