You are hard to find. I thought it was you once or twice, but youโ€™re still hidingโ€ฆsomewhere.

Your eyes tell a story. I know inside of you is so deeply beautiful. Iโ€™m almost sure you donโ€™t know that, and maybe donโ€™t see it even in the mirror. If you let me, Iโ€™ll teach you what I see in you, tell you how great you are.

You might be serious, happy, smart, funny, shy, artistic, like staying home or partying all night. You might be jealous, bipolar, emo, and throw thing when youโ€™re angry (and all of that is okay). I like all of those things because theyโ€™re part of you I might be lucky enough to see. But if I miss you and youโ€™d like to talk, please just say โ€œhiโ€.

If youโ€™re too shy or donโ€™t know what to say, just tell me :do you like a sunrise or sunset? Do you like the mountains or the ocean, or Netflix at home? Coffee, or wine maybe?

So if you think youโ€™re ready, just say “hi” and weโ€™ll take it from there.

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