Stop Chasing

No matter how old you are whether youโ€™re 12 or 45, we are all at the same level when we have a crush or love and the tendency sometimes most of us donโ€™t trust the process thatโ€™s when we start to chase, and you know exactly when youโ€™re chasing. So instead of, be yourself , do your own thing and work hard. As Will Smith once said โ€œThe right people, the ones who really belong in your life, will come to you and stayโ€. I truly believe in that. But ofcourse when youโ€™re young chasing itโ€™s fun, chasing is some kind of adventure until one day you get tired and just let go of things the way itโ€™s supposed to and maybe in everything thereโ€™s always an exception yet itโ€™s very important knowing what makes you come alive and then go do that.

Yesterday I was browsing on Youtube kept scrolling down until I saw the homily of Father Fidel. I was curious so I opened it. I loved how he delivered the message, the way he talks, heโ€™s fun and I felt the sincerity of his words.โ€ To whatever blessing God has put your name on, itโ€™s yours! So if itโ€™s meant for you, itโ€™s meant for youโ€. You donโ€™t have really to work your ass hard to keep people in your life, whoever! Friends, romance, strangers, whoever! Because right people doesnโ€™t want to be chased rather they want to stay. Yes, love is very exciting but just remember everyone inevitably disappoints you in some way or another.

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