Join me on a Self-Discovery Journey

A few months back, I decided to turn those written thoughts into videos that I now share on my YouTube channelย Ween Comia. Contact. You can connect with me on social media.ย For business inquiries, e-mail me at

To Endless Adventures

The gentle sun-kissed at eight in the morning as the wind blows playing my messy hair, the humming tweets of the birds in every corner of the wooden balcony around the green lushes of big trees sighted as far, the strong aroma scent of coffee and the garlic butter toast on the table, people running … Continue reading


You are hard to find. I thought it was you once or twice, but youโ€™re still hidingโ€ฆsomewhere. Your eyes tell a story. I know inside of you is so deeply beautiful. Iโ€™m almost sure you donโ€™t know that, and maybe donโ€™t see it even in the mirror. If you let me, Iโ€™ll teach you what … Continue reading “Hi”

Stop Chasing

No matter how old you are whether youโ€™re 12 or 45, we are all at the same level when we have a crush or love and the tendency sometimes most of us donโ€™t trust the process thatโ€™s when we start to chase, and you know exactly when youโ€™re chasing. So instead of, be yourself , … Continue reading Stop Chasing